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Choose The Right Shows

Posted by on 12.02.2018 in Uncategorized published 2/12/2018:

My first post asked you to watch LIVE Comedy shows. It’s equally important to choose the right ones. Some of us are able to watch any comedian and enjoy ourselves. That’s not the case for everyone. Know who you are and what you like and don’t be afraid to do a little research.

I believe funny is funny. Period. It is the loophole for those cringe worthy jokes that stir up controversy. Everything is on the table if the joke is funny and well crafted. Young, open-micers who insist on tackling provocative subjects miss this key element.

“Blue” Comedy is often riddled with obscenities pushing social and political buttons saturated in raunchy imagery. If that’s your speed, check out Doug Stanhope, Gilbert Gottfried, Dave Attell, Wanda Sykes and Sarah Silverman. If not, there are equally funny comics who focus more on Comedy without the language like Jim Gaffigan, Brian Regan, Jerry Seinfeld and Sinbad.

When you go to a show, do everyone a favor and recognize that EVERYTHING you’re hearing is a joke. Start to finish. If you must be offended, don’t complain to management, crusade on social media or heckle the comics. Don’t do it because there are people who ARE enjoying it. Don’t police Comedy. Why ruin it for everyone because you don’t approve?

The Comedy Zone Charlotte: Bert Kreischer – I’m hosting! (Feb. 15-17) Pauly Shore (Feb. 21) Gary Owen (Feb. 22-24) Almost Famous (Feb. 28)

North Carolina Comedy Festival (Feb 19-24) in Greensboro, NC: Featuring comedians from Charlotte and across the country. Headlining the festival are Todd Glass, Eddie Pepitone, Sasheer Zamata from SNL and Tom Simmons.


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